übi Turns Any Surface Into A 3D Touchscreen

It seems to be a good time of year for gesture-based control devices, in this month alone there’s been a gestural interface system called Leap Motion for the PC and on the more experimental front is Jinha Lee’s ZeroN floating orb, which uses computer-controlled magnetic levitation. And, if we invoke the “rule of three”, then to complete this gestural interface triumvirate is übi interactive.

Calling it a “plug-in and play” device, übi uses the Kinect to turn surfaces into a 3D touchscreen and can be either attached to a projector or placed facing your monitor—providing you ample opportunity to deliver an ad hoc business presentation while your friends are relaxing in a bar. Or, more importantly, play Angry Birds on your office wall.

The interface is reminiscent of the gesture-based Instagram-powered installation #Creators Live that Intel Fellow and Director of the Efficient Computing Lab at Intel Labs, Doug Carmean, developed in collaboration with Social Print Studio. You can catch #Creators Live at our upcoming events in France, but with übi now on the market, we’re predicting that you’ll see many more projects making use of this technology.