3D Geometric Photographs Of Brazilian Landscapes

3D Geometric Photographs Of Brazilian Landscapes

David Copithorne is a photographer and filmmaker who travels the world and documents the places he visits along the way, but with a twist. The landscapes and and city snapshots are digitally disrupted through some interesting effects that re-imagine the pristine beauty of the original setting.

His latest series, 3D Geometric Photography was shot on location in Brazil and consists mostly of beaches and rainforest shots, with geometric-shaped digital interferences layered on top, as if a virtual magnifying glass was highlighting part of the photo. “My motivation and dedication is to capture these amazing scenes that are not perceived by nonprofessional eyes," the artist says.

Copithorne also turned some of the shots into fun GIFs that we found on his Tumblr page. In these animated digital collages, called Photography Designs, the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, graffiti art of São Paulo, city streets of Salvador, and rubber trees of the Amazon are turned into abstract images, once again using his signature geometric patterns.

“My photos and films are an expression of the traveler and of free spirit," says Copithorne. "I combine traditional 35mm film with digital photography techniques to create.”

See a selection of our favorite images below: