A Barrage Of Kaleidoscopic Patterns Layered Over Deep House Beats

Bryce Isbell aka Fur didn’t get the memo that kids stopped dancing to deep house years ago, and frankly it’s pretty refreshing that he doesn’t care. With smooth, low down four-to-the-floor beats with plenty of raw synth laid overtop, Fur’s new EP Cocoon thumps around its title track, with choppy robotic vocals glitching sweet gibberish all over the track. Cocoon is the newest release from UNO NYC, a label that boasts acts like Jacques Greene and Fatima Al Qadiri.

Fur created the above video for another track on the EP called “Knots,” which features an ever-changing array of custom kaleidoscoped with photos taken over the course of the EP recording. No two moments of the video are the same, and their rapid fire arrangement has a dizzying effect which you’re rescued from by the unrelenting beat of the track. All in all a cerebral experience for a style of music now considered a throwback.

Hear the EP and see some selected stills from the video below.