A Crash Course In The Beauty Of Collisions: Sculptures From Eyal Gever

A Crash Course In The Beauty Of Collisions: Sculptures From Eyal Gever

It’s not often that you can find something attractive about two moving vehicles crashing into each other. Not unless you’re one of the characters from J.G. Ballard’s Crash. But artist Eyal Gever has created a series called Collisions, which uses custom software to model the effects of different vehicles and objects colliding with one another. These computer generated models are then translated into 3D video simulations, sculptures, and digital prints, using stylized rectangular, shiny-colored cubes in place of actual vehicles.

We’ve featured Gever’s sound sculptures before, but with this series he uses his sculptures to show the impact of a collision, carefully expressing the forces that come into play and articulating the crash in as realistic a way as the computer models, and the abstract representation, allows.

The pieces are given functional names like Bus vs Wall or Truck vs Truck, but what they explore is the abstract and destructive beauty that occurs when the energy and motion of a violent crash become a purely aesthetic experience, devoid of human suffering and injury, where “sublime moments are borne out of simulations and translated as art.”

The series also explores the mechanics of something that happens daily around the world, as he explains:

It becomes impossible to distinguish an accident from a violent assault. Maybe the point is precisely the ordinariness of such accidents in contemporary society. Amidst the work and play of everyday life accidents simply happen.

Collisions – Bus vs Car

Collisions – Truck vs Truck

Collisions – Bus vs Wall

Collisions – Bus vs Pillar

Collisions – Truck vs Truck Side Crash

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Images: © 2011/12 Eyal Gever