A Digital Sculpture Painted With Tweets

Twitter can be used for many things like, following celebrities, ganging up on celebrities, and unfollowing celebrities. But it has other uses apart from finding out what J-Lo had for lunch, and one of those is creating collaborative artwork.

As part of a commission for the audiovisual festival CROMAfest, Mexico-based interactive agency Hotpixel created a digital sculpture by visualizing tweets with the hashtag #CROMAfest. When users send a tweet, their avatar tumbles into view on the screen, which in turn generates a unique sound. The users can then further interact with the sculpture by changing the background color of the piece, which is done by tweeting hashtag then a color (for example, “#blue”).

The end result makes for a nice little twist on the usual Twitter hashtag clouds and follows in the tradition of interactive Twitter installations from the likes of Hellicar & Lewis, who recently developed a real time Twitter hub for TED2012, and previously created The Hello Wall in London.

Photos via Josue Ibanez’s Flickr.