A Robot Band Covers The Beatles While Another Makes Maroon 5 Listenable

While personally I’m not relly a fan of Maroon 5‘s music, I am a fan of it being played by a robot band, especially when it has a Stephen Hawking DECtalk vocal on it. This is the same robot band (or, at least, it’s designed by the same guy YouTube user bd594) that gave us the headline-making rendition of The Animals’ “House Of The Rising Sun”.

To create this latest robotic cover he used a robot snare, a robot bass drum, robot tambourine, robot keyboard, an HP Scanner, and a digital DECtalk Express. Whereas the original “Moves Like Jagger” isn’t really to my taste, this robot rendition has a charming quality to it with all those blippy sounds and digitized vocals.

And, in other robot band news, autonomous humanoid robots the HUBOs—designed and developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST)—cover the Beatles’ “Come Together”.