A UK Bowstring Bridge Transforms Into A Dazzling Infinity Sign By Night

A UK Bowstring Bridge Transforms Into A Dazzling Infinity Sign By Night

The Infinity Bridge in Stockton-on-Tees in Northeastern England was opened back in 2009, but continues to dazzle, reaping architectural admirers throughout the world with its incredibly unique design and accompanying light display. The structure’s namesake is drawn from the pedestrian bridge’s nighttime appearance—the blue and white LED lights spanning the bridge reflect off the surface of the River Tees, and together with the curvature of the bridge, create an awe-inspiring infinity sign.

Expedition Engineering and architecture firm Spence Associates collaborated and won the design competition that challenged UK structural artists to come up with a cutting-edge design for a pedestrian bridge as part of the area’s revival project. Light designers Speirs and Major were given the task of creating an LED light display to accompany the design.

Construction began in January of 2007 and took about a year and a half to complete. In keeping with its organic design, the bridge was built using almost entirely locally sourced components—the materials and workers were all from the surrounding area, and much of the structural components were built on site.

The light design itself is unique in that it actually responds to the movements of people as they cross the bridge, making for an interactive bridge trotting experience like you’ve probably never had. White LED lights leave a glowing trail behind the pedestrian as they journey across. This super creative lighting concept, along with the unique bowstring bend of the bridge, won the architects and engineers of the project several awards, including the highly prestigious Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence.

If you can’t make it to Northeastern England any time soon, check out the video below to experience what it’s like for pedestrians to cross the bridge at night, and be sure to pay attention to the lights.

If you’re in San Francisco, make sure to check out The Bay Lights project!

Images and video courtesy of e-architect, Expedition Engineering and This Is Stockton

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