After The Turkey, Indulge Yourself In Our Thanksgiving YouTube Playlist

So, you’ve traveled across the length and breadth of land to your beloved family—once there you stuff your face with turkey, sweet potatoes, pour gravy down your throat straight from the gravy boat, eat so much mashed potatoes you have pure starch pumping through your veins, and still find room for pumpkin pie. You animal.

Now that you’ve managed to double your body weight in the space of an hour, what next? Chat with the fam? The eternal teenager in you says no, run to your old room and hide out there until you get shouted at for being unsocial, whereupon you can veg out and slam the door shut. And while you’re up there, moping, wondering why you regress every damn year to a hormonal 15-year-old, you can pass the time watching our curated Thanksgiving YouTube playlist.

We’re talking meditations on the infinite, subversive photography, arts and craft special effects, poltergeists, Korean pop, and plenty more.