Amon Tobin Unveils His Expanded Projection-Mapped Performance Sculpture, ISAM Live 2.0

Amon Tobin : ISAM Live 2.0 from Ninja Tune on Vimeo.

If you didn’t experience Amon Tobin‘s immersive audiovisual extravaganza ISAM show last year in the flesh, then you probably lived it vicariously through a friend’s description, our video on it, or the various footage of it that surfaced afterwards. Well, we hope you’re caught up, because ISAM just got bigger.

Last week Ninja Tune released a new video promoting his brand new expanded setup for the projection-mapped performance sculpture, ISAM Live 2.0. The show will launch this fall beginning in the US, and it has twice the capacity to blow minds than its predecessor. It’s set to include music from ISAM along with material from Tobin’s newest release, Stunt Rhythms, under theTwo Fingers moniker.

This is going to be even bigger and better than the previous performance, with new motion graphics to pull and twist and throw you about the live performance space, turning your brain synesthetic. Tobin’s spacesuit and the spacecraft control room visualization look particularly promising.

The Creators Project will be going behind the scenes of ISAM Live 2.0, so stay tuned to get an inside look at this expanded spectacle.

Check out our interview with Tobin below, where he discusses his previous ISAM show.

[via Synthopia]