Amon Tobin's Box Set Is Packed With Bootlegs, Unheard Remixes, and ISAM Reinterpretations

Amon Tobin - 'Amon Tobin' Boxset / ISAM Live 2012 from Ninja Tune on Vimeo.

As extensive as the Amon Tobin catalogue is, he’s got a ton of extraneous material that has been piling up over the years. It’s a body of work that remains unpublished, unbroadcast, and publicly unheard.

Ninja Tune is releasing all this mystery music in bulk on a half dozen 10" dub plates, seven CDs, and two DVDs packed with songs that didn’t make it onto the albums, as well as bootlegs, unreleased film and television scores, Tobin’s early audio experiments, and a number of remixes and rehashes of his latest release, ISAM.

Tobin’s sound has evolved greatly since his first release on Ninja Tune in the mid 90s. He went from a drum n bass centric sound to sweeping, cinematic songs collected into moody albums, using unusual combinations of natural and synthetic sounds. If his scoring work for Splinter Cell is any indicator, the unreleased score work should be a real treat.

The set can be pre-ordered now, and will drop on May 21st. Tobin has also scheduled a 2012 US tour of ISAM which he has promised is an updated version of the previous run. The tour kicks off at Coachella next month.