An Explosive Animation Inspired By Fractals And Chaos Theory

Beginning with a miniature Big Bang, we follow the story of an iridescent bubble bifurcating until it becomes a whole population, which then advances in its form and movement. Using a simple format and augmenting it in surprising ways, Max Hattler‘s A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period of Time draws on his pieces X (2012) and 1923 aka Heaven (2010). Though visually simpler than those previous works, this one certainly has Hattler’s spacy style at its core.

After Hattler’s Sync won the award for Best Video Installation at St. Petersburg’s Multivision Festival, the organizers asked him to collaborate with a team of Russian animators who assisted him in bringing a new work to life. As Hattler puts it, “I tried to approach the animation as a living creature. It tries to communicate with you, through abstract words and sounds. This is one of the reasons you can hear some melodies, as it’s hidden in our human phrases.” Once completed, the film piece debuted at the Erarta museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Julien Mier, who we previously featured in our LAYERS column, created the soundtrack, working with Hattler to synchronize sound and visuals to the ideal level. Their attention to detail made the final product an enthralling couple minutes that you’ll find yourself having to play back a couple of times.

Additional reporting by Erica Gorochow (@gorociao).