An Odd Season's Greetings Message From Grizzly Bear

If you love all things holiday related, you might have watched this Grizzly Bear video expecting the same warm feeling you get when the gang helps Charlie Brown decorate the tree. Instead, what you may have felt is seven minutes of confusion, as you watched random images accompanied by piano renditions of songs from the band’s latest album Shields.

Seems like our holiday gift is getting a glimpse into the sense of humor of this normally very serious band (if you need a refresher of that version of Grizzly Bear, just revisit their last video for the song “Yet Again” below). Click here to jump right to the piano version of “Yet Again.”)

At the very least, when you inevitably resort to your 13-year-old self at Christmas, instead of yelling at your mom because she doesn’t “get” your music, try putting this on and being like “See? they really can play!” Just be careful that you don’t give her too much hope that you’ve sold all your old Slayer records.