Anaísa Franco's Electronic Sculptures Visually Manifest Emotions

Brazilian artist Anaísa Franco’s electronic sculptures each convey a feeling or a thought through interaction. Using video and animation, she creates works that demonstrate the metaphoric imagery invoked by intense emotions.

Describing Frustration, the piece in the video above, Franco says, “The body is fragmented to intensify the subject’s feelings, and digital images are used to visualize unconscious thoughts.”

To get people to connect with her work, Anaísa attempts to manifest specific feelings in each of her sculptures. “I question the possibility of inserting psychological behaviors in expanded sculptural machines,” she says. In Frustration, an LCD monitor works as a mirror in which the person’s reflection shatters into pieces, conveying its namesake emotion.

The work was on exhibit at Adora Calvo Gallery in Madrid in January and February of this year. It’s part of a series called Psychosomatic. Following the concept behind Frustration, Franco will cover myriad feelings including anxiety, fear, hysteria, confusion, and shame in the series.