AraabMUZIK Brought His Rapid Fire MPC Live Show To The Creators Project: São Paulo 2012

While every other producer in the world tries to figure out how to make a live performance interesting with high-tech projections, lights, and motorized sculptures, AraabMUZIK‘s hands are the only machines he needs to transport his crowd to another dimension. If you’ve watched some of the YouTube footage of his MPC prowess, then you’ll love seeing him do his thing in a high-quality video, where you can see exactly what he’s doing through an eye that can keep up with his speed.

This is one of those videos that can spur you into watching clip after clip of MPC mastery, so before you astray, check out our original profile on AraabMUZIK, where he describes his craft and his rise from teenage prodigy to full-fledged producer for Dipset.

AND now that your appetite for AraabMUZIK has been whetted, check him out at the same recent event in São Paulo with Emicida.

You may now resume surfing YouTube for the rest of the working day.