Beautiful Audiovisual Compositions Inspired By Particle Accelerators And Russian Cosmonauts

Particle accelerators are usually associated with smashing tiny, tiny objects together to look for—and find—elementary particles that get physicists all excited. But they can also serve as inspiration behind real-time audiovisual artworks, like this piece Cyclotone from artist Paul Prudence.

Staring at it on your screen, you’ll be eaten up by its spinning shapes and mesmerizing syncing of sound and image, as every nuance of the song is given some flickering visual form. Using only black, white, and grey tones Prudence manages to create some spellbinding combinations that would engulf you like a black hole sucking energy from the universe if you saw the performance live.

It’s a fine example of what Prudence describes as his modus operandi, looking at “the ways in which sound, space, and form can be synthaesthetically amalgamated in abstract ways.”

Prudence explains the inspiration for this particular piece as:

The work takes conceptual cues from cyclotrons and particle accelerators and alludes to aspects of particle physics, space exploration and 4-dimensional space. The work is inspired to commemorate the first wave of Russian cosmonauts including Yuri Gagarin and also the artists of the Constructivist movement who conquered space conceptually.

Zone out to the the intro video above and the finale below.

Images: © Mr Prudence