Bonde Do Rolê Bring The Baile Funk Sounds Of Their New Album To The US

Bonde Do Rolê Bring The Baile Funk Sounds Of Their New Album To The US

Mad Decent, with Diplo at the helm, has built itself on a reputation for gleaning the products of innovative street music cultures from around the world, and Bonde do Rolê was their early pick to represent Brazil for their Funk Carioca style. The group recently released their second album, TropicalBacanal—with features from Caetano Veloso, Das Racist, and more—are currently on tour in the US with Com Truise and Poolside.

If haven’t heard TropicalBacanal yet just push play below and check out our interview with Bonde do Rolê’s Pedro D’eyrot below.

The Creators Project: Tell us about the new album—what has it’s impact been inside and outside of Brazil?
Pedro D’eyrot:
Beautiful! In Brazil the crowds are already singing the new songs at our shows. It’s nice see the people going crazy with “Kanye” and “Baby Don’t Deny It,” which are not singles, but songs everybody knows! Here it’s been nice too. One of our songs is the soundtrack to a supermarket ad in New Zealand where Laura [Tailor] worked when she was just a teenager.

How was working with Diplo? Is it important to have feedback from an outside producer with a different vision than yours?
Yeah, Diplo was our executive producer in this album, our guru of what’s cool. We could make a song and send it to him and he gave his approval, or not, and, depending on his opinion, we changed either changed it or didn’t.

And Caetano Veloso? I remember that you went to his house. What was it like to record with him?
Yes! We went to his house! Hermano Vianna took us there to meet him! It was super cool, it’s like your father’s friend, he had this fatherly way about him, but he is Caetano!

And the music videos for the new album? Will you release some more? There is a big difference between the production of ’"Kilo" and “Brazilian Boys.” Which one is your favorite?
Yes, there is, and the next one will be even more lo-fi! We just read that book Rich Dad Poor Dad and we are crazy to do that “rich video poor video” thing. We believe there is room for both things, so we will do it alternatively. But I prefer “Brazilian Boys.” It was more fun to write and to watch.

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