Brian Eno Announces Glitch Poetry Album

Chances are, you know who Brian Eno is. Whether it’s because of his legendary experimental work with synthesizers and ambient music, his high-profile collaborations with artists like Devo, David Bowie, U2, Laurie Anderson, and David Byrne, or as the composer behind the the soundtracks for Basquiat and Velvet Goldmine, Brian Eno is a creative musical force to be reckoned with. An original creator par excellence, Eno hasn’t left the stage in over four decades, continuously reinventing himself and positioning himself at the avant-garde of his day, whether it comes in the form of synthesizers or iPhone apps.

In the late ‘90s Eno met the English poet Rick Holland and produced a few musical collaborations with him during the early aughts. Now, shortly after launching the amazing Small Craft on a Milk Sea, his first album through Warp Records, Eno reunites with the poet for another collaboration entitled Drums Between Bells. Composed by Eno, the album features some of Holland’s texts read by other artists, and so far, because of what he has released, as well as the track’s name, the album appears to be steeped in Glitch aesthetics. A far cry from the calm and soothing aesthetics of ambient music and closer in line with the rhythmic spatiality of electronic music, Drums Between Bells is more “Horse” than “Complex Heaven,” (two tracks from his previous album, Small Craft on a Milk Sea).

Listen to the track below, “Glitch”:

Brian Eno – glitch (taken from Drums Between The Bells) by Warp Records

The full album is set to drop on July 5, 2011, but you can reserve your copy here. The two-disc album is available on CD or vinyl (which comes with an accompanying digital download, a nice touch), and a hardback book encasing with glitchy cover art by Eno himself.

via: The Fader.