Brisbane Airport's Parking Garage Is Blowing In The Wind

Brisbane Airport's Parking Garage Is Blowing In The Wind

No one thinks much about parking garages, nor have they ever changed much from being functional, cavernous structures, prodigious at echoes and being creepy late at night. Brisbane Airport is attempting to shed that drab stigma by sweetening up their domestic car park. Before you get too excited, you won’t be compelled to hang out there drinking cocktails and playing pin the tail on the kangaroo, but it is far more attractive than any other garage in existence thanks to a façade sculpture by environmental artist Ned Kahn in collaboration with Urban Art Projects.

Consisting of 250,000 small aluminum panels that flap in the wind, the sculpture reacts to the movement of the wind, which creates surreal ripples that run through it. This creates “a direct interface between the built and natural environments,” applying the gentle movement of nature to the angular, concrete parking garage.

Also, what’s the deal with airports being the unlikely venues for some of the coolest contemporary art of late? Just in the past few months we’ve seen the gorgeous typographical installation Textscapes debut at Vienna’s International Airport and ART+COM’s mesmerizing Kinetic Rain installation composed of 1,216 bronze droplets that move in synchronized, fluid gestures.