Bursts Of Color Brighten An Already-Brilliant Sky

Every year in the early spring, Hindus deck out their homes in lush pigments to observe Holi—the festival of colors. The holiday’s significance in the Hindu tradition is vast and varied, but Holi has also carved a secular niche, as public celebrations take place in cities all over the globe. To honor tradition, or simply to have a good time, attendees throw fistfuls of vibrant pigments at one another and leave festivals looking something like this:

Image via Edison Avenue.

To capture their recent Paint Pigment Photograph Series, London-based designers Rob and Nick Carter tossed pigments around, too—but not at each other, or anyone in particular. Instead, they captured the capsules of color in mid-air, creating what look like clouds just before a rainbow storm.

RN865 paint pigment photograph, napthol vermillion (2012).

RN868 paint pigment photograph, benzimidazolone orange (2012).

RN871 paint pigment photograph, nickel titanate yellow (2012).

RN873 paint pigment photograph, cobalt nicket green (2012).

RN875 paint pigment photograph, cobalt bermuda blue (2012).

RN879 paint pigment photograph, dioxazine violet (2012).

[via designboom]