Byte The App: Must See Apps Of The Week 7/14

Byte The App: Must See Apps Of The Week 7/14

The app stores are teeming with new releases, but who has time to go through them all? We do. Bringing you a selection of the most interesting, creative, and innovative apps each week. Submit your suggestions for next week in the comments below.

+loop [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad]
With this app, your iScreen gets transformed into a multiscreen grid. Each screen is able to individually play or record looped videos or still images, so you can compose panelled video art, or test patterns for that VJ set you just know you’re going to do one day. Play around with the speed of the individual looped footage, customising it as you see fit, and suddenly you’re an experimental video artist.

9mm [iPhone, iPod touch,iPad and Android]
For those that like their games birthed from the same NSFW mould as GTA IV, this one’s for you. 9mm brings that gun-toting, feisty console experience to your device, complete with clichés galore including: the cop who isn’t afraid to break the law to get the job done, seedy establishments, and plenty of opportunities to fire your weapon at pumped up, tattooed bad guys—all set to a rap soundtrack so you feel extra “street”. And if that isn’t enough blood-drenched violence for you, there’s also the opportunity to kick seven pixelated shades of crap out of strangers in the 12 player online deathmatch.

GRID remote [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad]
This is a visualization tool that lets you control downloaded visuals on your desktop using the multitouch surface of your mobile phone or tablet. Created for the band Mathon, it turns your device into a remote control, so as you journey onwards into the all-encompassing sound, you can direct where the camera travels within this world of line-graphed terrains and electrically-charged, luminous imagery.

Halftone [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad]
If only life was like a comic book, huh? Split up into readable panels with onomatopoeic words littered about to instantly elevate (or deflate) any situation to Lichtensteinian pop art—all of life’s many complexities turned into a series of Benday dot spotted images. Well, thankfully, you can with this app. Halftone even dots your images so they look like cheap comic book prints, and lets you string them together into a comic, adding speech balloons, the all important KAPOW!s, and captions. Next step: Hollywood adaptation.

Z The Game [iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad]
If you hold the memory of the Bitmap Brothers’ original game from the mid-1990s in your mind, then you’ll welcome this release of the game for iOS, built to utilize the touchscreen but with the original components in place. Reminisce with the familiar sector-based strategy gameplay, the comedic cut away scenes and, of course, the 8-bit graphics, but with the added bonus of a Gamecenter and Openfaint achievements. So, once again, you can do battle between two robot armies while crying pixelated happy-tears of nostalgic joy.