Byte The App: Our 4 Apps Of The Week

Byte The App: Our 4 Apps Of The Week

The app stores are teeming with new releases, but who has the time to go through them all? We do. We bring you a selection of the most interesting, creative, and innovative new apps each week. If you have any favourites or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Pulsate [iPhone, iPad]
We featured the browser version of this elegant , simple, and hypnotic music tool, Pulsate (from designer Andre Michelle), a while back. It allows you to create musical notes that take the form of expanding circles with the click of a mouse, as the circles collide, they produce delicate chimes, making more complicated rhythmical patterns as you add more circles. Reminiscent of falling raindrops or watching rings expand in a pool of water, this soothing app is now available on your phone, using the touchscreen instead of a mouse. The app version allows you to change parameters like BPM, wave frequency, and delay in the settings menu.

HOPE Poster Photo Filter [iPhone, iPad]
It’s safe to say that 2009 was the year of Shepard Fairey’s Obama poster. The image was catapulted to icon status during the 2008 election, then swathed in controversy as the scandal over Fairey’s appropriation of an AP photo surfaced, then it receded benignly into the background as an ever-present emblem of pop culture. It seemed that everywhere you looked you’d see a version of that signature bold, graphic screenprint appear: on T-shirts, posters, your friend’s Twitter and Facebook icons. Now you can conveniently create HOPE-style images on the go with this handy iPhone app. No need to bother with all the fuss of having to design it and print it out, or spend hours in Photoshop—with the click of a button you’ve got your Facebook-ready image to share with everyone you know. Who knows, maybe you could even get it printed on a t-shirt or some stickers and launch your own Fairey-style street art empire? Though probably not.

Robot Unicorn Attack [iPhone, iPad]
From Adult Swim comes this amusingly distracting game of mechanical unicorns. Set to the tune of of “Always” by Erasure, you’ll leap through a purple-hued wonderland chasing your whimsical dreams and trailing a rainbow in your wake. It’s a highly addictive time suck. But there’s really only two reasons you need to buy this. Robot. Unicorn.

Solo Virtual Guitar [Android]
Make your lame air guitar performances a thing of the past. Now you can pull off that epic guitar solo from “Voodoo Chile” without having to make the noises using your mouth. Choose your guitar from classic to acoustic to electric with more than 380 unique chords, so you can strum away using the multitouch interface. It even searches for music on your phone so you can rock out with Hendrix himself.