Carsten Nicolai's Schatten Loop Harnesses A Self-Organizing Tape Deck

Photo: Uwe Walter, Courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin and The Pace Gallery

Sound and installation artist Carsten Nicolai began working with sound as a sculptural tool in the early 90s as a departure from his poetic and “technologically cold” visual work.

His latest installation Schatten Loop is both physical and reflected, seemingly inspired by 1998’s Tape Loops. The main component focuses on the moving magnetic tape loops inside a sound effect device, while a mirrored panel underneath reflects the image of the tape looping on the wall behind the installation.

It’s a study of how something can be consistent and ever-changing at the same time, as the same tape loop is always processing, but never quite unfolding the same way. “The rough idea was to generate a form that is constantly re-designed,” said Nicolai in an interview with Monopol Magazin.

Nicolai designed Schatten Loop in collaboration with Swedish clothing and design company COS (Collection of Style) now on view at their Berlin storefront.