Casio Turns 2D Photos Into Weird 3D Sculptures

Casio Turns 2D Photos Into Weird 3D Sculptures

This whole 3D craze is getting out of hand. It doesn’t matter whether audiences like 3D or not, companies keep pushing it at consumers for reasons no one can quite fathom. The movie world was the first to get the 3D treatment, both art house and blockbuster alike, and now the world of photography gets extended into Euclidean space.

This week at CES, Casio revealed a new service that converts your 2D photos into 3D, turning your pictures of drunk friends, pets and landmarks from foreign lands into sculptures. Why? Because having a brilliantly weird and unnecessary freaky trophy head of your cat hanging on your wall will be a great talking piece at house parties. That is, assuming you can get any of your friends to come over after they’ve seen your place once.

[via Gizmodo]

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