Celebrating G Is For Deep: An Exclusive Doseone DJ Mix

Celebrating G Is For Deep: An Exclusive Doseone DJ Mix

Cover art for G is for Deep

Doseone‘s career in hip hop has remained one that defies the genre’s classic boundaries, venturing into electronic music, poetry, and a brand of storytelling that channels a darkness now solely associated with his signature nasal performing voice. His work with Anticon acts like cLOUDDEAD, Themselves, Subtle, and 13 & God treats styles of music like chemical agents that combine to yield the sonic equivalents of hallucinogens and explosives. There is no typical Doseone track, only snapshots of moments in his progression.

His newest solo record G is for Deep is a culmination of his music in recent years, reaching a level of experimentation that takes him further from the pure roots of hip hop than ever before. Yes, there are beats and rhymes here, but they are a mere fraction of the elements at play. Handling the the rhymes and production in full, G is for Deep is a complete Doseone expression, shifting from jarring to soothing on a dime, and staying compelling throughout.

To kick off the release of G is for Deep, we’ve put together a mix of Doseone’s music through the ages. In here, you’ll find a little from each of his side projects, as well as snippets from his spoken word poetry, beats from the new record, and a cut or two from his close collaborators. Doseone picked the tracks, we made the mix, and this is what came out. We hope you like it.