Chop, Mix, And Stir Beats As If You're Cooking With Beatoven

We’ve seen hybrid devices combining the vastly different arts of music and cooking in the past, and while combining the hardware for both into one product may be misguided and even dangerous, here’s one that cuts out the actual cooking completely and instead allows you to control a set of tracks synced up in Traktor.

Viktor Jan‘s Beatoven consists of a pot on top of what appears to be a stove, all connected to a computer running the DJ software. Drop each of the cubes, tethered to the box via wires, into the pot and find that each one represents a looped part which begins playing as soon as it’s in the pot. Covering the pot cuts out the high frequencies so that it seems as if the sounds are inside the pot and you are smothering out the high end with the lid. The device is also outfitted with a few knobs that control Traktor’s built in effects, like delay, for example.

While it might not be the most functional workflow, it does simplify a process that is commonly misunderstood by novices as being overly complicated. In the end, working with samples is in fact a bit like cooking: You start with the best ingredients (sounds), chop them up, and then combine them in the most sensorily enjoyable way. A slight advantage to beatmaking is that your practice tries don’t get eaten by your roommates before you can properly judge them.

[via: CreativeApplications]