Choreograph The Music Video For Arcade Fire's "Sprawl II"

Arcade Fire is no stranger to experimental productions. The band memorably closed out Coachella in April with Creator Chris Milk‘s help, dropping thousands of LED-lit beach balls into the crowd. Their other collaboration with Milk and fellow Creator Aaron Koblin, The Wilderness Downtown, incorporated images from viewers’ hometowns sourced from Google Street View to compose a music video for The Suburbs’ “We Used To Wait,” getting their at-home audience involved on a personal level.

This time, Arcade Fire wants you to control their new music video’s motion. The video for “Sprawl II” (embedded above) is only the beginning. Technically, it’s directed by Vincent Morisset, but to make your own version, visit the project’s website. Your computer’s webcam will use your movements—both mouse clicks and physical motions—to control the dancers’ speed. The faster you move, the faster the dancers move.

Arcade Fire donned papier-mâché caricature heads to inspire you to groove along:

The song was inspired by Mountains Beyond Mountains, the story of Paul S. Farmer, one of the founders of Partners In Health, an organization to which Arcade Fire hopes you’ll donate.

What are you waiting for? Get dancing!