Christ The Redeemer Embraces Rio de Janeiro With Help From Visual Farm

Christ The Redeemer Embraces Rio de Janeiro With Help From Visual Farm

Large scale projections are spreading around the world. Many Brazilian producers have done such work with great skill, as our coverage of creative groups like SuperUber, memeLAB and Bijari has shown. Today, we get to know a little bit about another production company that operates in the same field and take credit for originating many of these practices in Brazil: Visual Farm. They claim to be the pioneers of video mapping in Brazil and their founder, VJ Alexis Anastasiou, is considered to be the first Brazilian VJ, but regardless of their eagerness to play the “first!” card, these guys were definitely the first to do projection mapping on the big JC himself.

Produced for the ad campaign “The Biggest Embrace in the World,” a movement to fight sexual abuse and exploitation of children and teens in Brazil, the project saw Visual Farm projecting on the country’s largest postcard—Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. The projection mapping animated the iconic statue to create the illusion that the statue was ‘embracing’ people and the city.

The action took place with public participation on the Internet—for every certain number of hits on the campaign’s website, Christ the Redeemer would give his symbolic embrace. Since then, it’s been recognized at some of the largest advertising festivals in the world: Cannes, New York and the Clio Awards. Moreover, it won the top award in the category “Most Innovative Use of Audiovisual Technology for Outdoor Events in the World” from INFOCCOM 2011, a technology fair held in the U.S.

You can see the making of the project below:

Earlier this year, Visual Farm participated in the São Paulo’s Virada Cultural, with a Video Mapping projected on the front of SESC Belenzinho:

In case you’re around Brazil, the company just launched a monthly party at the club Sonique in São Paulo, called VisualLab, dedicated to experiments on projections, with a rotating cast of guest DJs and VJs to spice things up. The club will be decorated with projection art techniques, such as mapping, light painting, graffiti and virtual projective scenography.