Control Music Production Software With Gestures Using The Hot Hand

Controlling software with gestures initially seemed a daunting development. We’ve grown so used to mouse pads and touchscreens that adding a third dimension and using it to interact without a physical surface has had a pretty steep learning curve. But learn we did, and now we’re not so scared of innovations like Leap and the Syntact. While we haven’t seen either of those stacked up at Best Buy, now there’s a gesture controller for the masses.

The Hot Hand series from Source Audio has been around for a little while, but the new USB version makes it much easier to control software like Ableton or Logic. Instead of turning a knob or pushing a slider, you can gesticulate your way to sonic perfection and even record the automation. It’s a vast improvement on interacting with the software using a single mouse-point. How long before we do away with the mouse completely?

In the video below Jesse Remignanti, creator of the Hot Hand, demonstrates how to use it to control parameters of guitar effects pedals.