Crash, Bang, Wallop: Falling Objects Become Musical Instrument In Gravité

Gravité (Gravity) from Renaud Hallée on Vimeo.

Falling objects are not usually the source of great music, not unless it’s a television flying out of a window, but in this short film Gravité (Gravity) from Possible Metrics, they’re the stars of the show.

From tennis balls to basketballs, balloons, cutlery, plates, paper, and of course a TV, these objects obeying the laws of physics become synchronized to form a haphazard rhythm as gravity becomes the conductor to this orchestra of objects in freefall.

Also from the same group is an interesting sounding video game called Drum Cannonry, where you do battle with people by attacking and countering with rhythm. The trailer for it is below.

[via Vimeo]