Create A Personal Planet With Google Street View

Photo by Ryan Alexander.

No man is an island (unless you’re Simon & Garfunkel), but what if your home was a planet? Not an independent planet within a solar system, but rather your street, your house, backyard and front yard were all part of its own self-contained globe. What would that look like?

A new project called Stereographic Street View transforms any location into its own three dimensional panoramic floating island. Sinewy skyscrapers distend into the distance, jutting from the globule street nodes. Oversized trees and buildings appear to be defying gravity hanging onto a world much smaller than normal perspective.

Different types of environments and landscapes offer a variety of results generating unique islands for each location. It’s like a tailor-made planet for every type of habitation. Users can also invert the globe, making the outer frame of the planet its center and vice versa. The globe can also be moved around to change the perspective from which it’s viewed. It’s like walking around on a small planet that twists and distorts as you walk around on it, your world transforming with every move of the mouse.

Just a few hours ago, this short video using Stereographic Street View from Max Novakovic went up online. It starts at Farringdon Station in London and ends near Smithfield Market.