Creators Project Remix Challenge

You’ve already heard about the pop music experiment that went down at our NYC launch event a few weeks ago — music luminaries Mark Ronson, Neon Indian, Sam Spiegel and Alex Greenwald collaborated with the crowd to produce a pop song in 60 minutes. The result is the unedited mp3 below, and even from this rough cut version we think it’s safe to say this song has got some serious charts potential (then again, we may be slightly biased).

But we want to take this crowd collaboration even further. We’re challenging you, yes YOU, to create your own version of this song using the raw materials from the event. Think you’ve got the chops to be a leading DJ or producer? Now is your chance to put your mixing skills where your mouth is.

You can download the original stems (that’s the individual parts of the track to those of you who aren’t industry insiders) here, then make your remix and upload it using the nifty button below:

Send me your track

Don’t have a recording studio in your bedroom? No problem. and are two great resources for free online music mixing tools. While both sites are relatively novice-friendly, if you’re an absolute n00b, Indaba may be a better bet because of their helpful community forums.

We’ll have some very special surprise judges pick their favorite remix, and the winner will get to share their version on The Creators Project site.