Creators Remix Roundup: Diplo,, Birdy Nam Nam, Florence + the Machine, And Björk

Creators Remix Roundup: Diplo,, Birdy Nam Nam, Florence + the Machine, And Björk

Our Creators are a talented and prolific bunch, and our inbox is always overflowing with alerts of new remixes and mashups from the incredible DJs and producers in our line-up. We just couldn’t keep these fresh new tunes to ourselves because, after all, filesharing is caring. Here are our top picks from the past week.

Justin Bieber: “Thought of You” (Diplo remix)

Diplo and Bieber are both icons, yes, but each has a different age group of girls tracking their every move. With “Thought Of You,” it’s time for the tweens and the hipster party girls to converge at the same warehouse party. You can hear how this track might have been typical pop fare without team Diplo’s buzzy synth bass and soul clapping added into the mix. This could mark the beginning of a new era for the Biebz and Diplo both, each one handing the other a little piece of fame potential with a new audience. Take the song’s advice and, please, don’t fight the fever, because in the end you know you’ll get sick and die anyway.

Mimyo: “Left Worlds” ( remix)

Seoul native Mimyo puts a unique spin on IDM, as he’s currently living in Paris… but, don’t worry, this isn’t one of those predictable club bangers. Korean music collective scrapes away the polish of the original and gives it a spacey, drone-y finish. This one’s for your Sunday newspaper reading y’all. While you’re at it… you may as well stream Mimyo’s entire Soundcloud page.

Birdy Nam Nam: “GOIN’IN” (Skrillex remix)

We used to be on the fence about Skrillex, but that was before we saw him play live… let’s just say we were instantly converted. Here, the dubstep prodigy adapts French turntable artists Birdy Nam Nam‘s "GOIN’IN" adding some ambient overlay, slippery synth, and a whole lotta bass action (duh). Honestly, Skrillex is pretty hard to listen to on headphones behind a computer, but if you can close your eyes and imagine Skrillz bumping this in a packed, sweaty crowd after hours… it’s just that much better. Definitely not polite—and that’s its charm.

Florence + the Machine: “Spectrum” (Calvin Harris remix)

Florence as a dance track? Yes please! And who better than club-staple, UK DJ and producer Calvin Harris to give Ms. Welch a disco diva makeover? Harris blazes past the original track’s slow, vulnerable beginning and gets straight to the floor, stomping with an energizing kick drum. By the time the chorus hits, it’s a full on house anthem, which kind of fits perfectly with Florence’s wicked wail. We can almost see the strobes flashing…

Björk: “Virus” (Hudson Mohawke remix)

We’re psyched that the Radiohead remix series has caught on, because Björk is also in the process of releasing 8 remix EPs following her most recent album Biophilia. While she didn’t quite collect as impressive a roster of producers, so far she’s brought forth remixes from Matthew Herbert, Death Grips, and Alva Noto to name a few. For the third EP of the series, heavyweight hip-hop beat-maker Hudson Mohawke finds his tender side in his remix of Björk’s “Virus.” While HudMo stays true to his sound with reverb-drenched beats and epic horns, he also creates an ethereal, key-shifting soundscape similar to the Diplo and Lunice remix of Julianna Barwick’s “Vow.” So if you haven’t been already, keep an eye out for this guy, as he soon dropping his eagerly awaited, TNGHT EP from his recent collaboration with ”" target="_blank">Lunice.