Creators Remix Roundup: Passion Pit, Björk, And Dillon Francis

Creators Remix Roundup: Passion Pit, Björk, And Dillon Francis

Our Creators are a talented and prolific bunch, and our inbox is always overflowing with alerts of new remixes and mashups from the incredible DJs and producers in our line-up. We just couldn’t keep these fresh new tunes to ourselves because, after all, filesharing is caring. Here are our top picks from the past week. For past Creators Remix Roundups, click here.

Steve Aoki: “Control Freak feat. Blaqstarr & Kay” (Dillon Francis Remix)

Dillon Francis, LA’s very own EDM superstar, is definitely our go to guy when we crave that 110bpm Moombahton banger, and his remix of Steve Aoki’s “Control Freak” gladly fit that bill. Prolific as hell, dropping a remix ever week or so, Francis has brought Moombahton from near non-existence to every pair of clubbing ears in America (at least) thanks to his original take on older sounds. The remix hits hard and in all the right places, and we can’t help but feel it sounds a little like Skrillex slowed down, in the best ways possible.

Passion Pit: “Take A Walk” (The M Machine Remix)

We were stoked when we saw this M Machine remix of Passion Pit’s “Take A Walk” come up on our radar. The song’s been stuck in our head for weeks, thanks in large part to David Wilson’s epic music video. A new, more dancey version of the song seemed like a welcome breath of fresh air… or so we thought. It started out promising enough, layering delicate synths and a more dance-inducing drum machine underneath Michael Angelakos’ vocals, pumping some energy into the sentimental track. But then the chorus hit and with it some heavy handed clubby synths that took the remix from charming to cheesy in seconds flat. The thumping throb continued throughout the rest of the track, practically begging you to fist pump. Just goes to show, a remix does not always an upgrade make.

Matthew Herbert Remixes Björk’s Biophilia

We tend to experience a tiny, delighted brain explosion when we discover two immense talents collaborating, especially when it’s a pair of abstraction-prone geniuses like Matthew Herbert and Björk. Taking a break from the likes of One Pig, Herbert crafted renditions of three songs from Biophilia. With varying degrees of intervention, he turned “Virus” into a tumbling, percussive number, “Sacrifice” into a glitchy daymare, and “Mutual Core” into a whole ‘nother kind of ethereal. If there’s anyone that could redo the out-of-this-world instrumentation of Biophilia composition, it’s Herbert, and we’re glad he did.