Creators Remix Roundup: Sulumi, Emicida, And Chilly Gonzales

Creators Remix Roundup: Sulumi, Emicida, And Chilly Gonzales

Our Creators are a talented and prolific bunch, and our inbox is always overflowing with alerts of new remixes and mashups from the incredible DJs and producers in our line-up. We just couldn’t keep these fresh new tunes to ourselves because, after all, filesharing is caring. Here are our top picks from the past week.

Howie Lee: “Centipede” (Sulumi remix)

Beijing native Howie Lee is a sound engineer by day and electronic musician by night, signed to Sulumi’s all-encompassing electro label Shanshui Records. This beat is wound up in heavy, echoey bass matched with high-pitched lingering 8-bit melodies, accented with a sexy-sounding femmebot making demands for more legs and tentacles. More legs = more dance.

Emicida: “9 Círculos” (feat. Styles P and Freddie Gibbs)

A couple months ago, we told you Brazilian rap legend Emicida was confirmed to contribute some original music to Rockstar Games’ upcoming release Max Payne 3, which is set in São Paulo. One of the tracks has since surfaced online, and here Emicida remixes himself bringing in his boys Styles P and Freddie Gibbs to contribute some verses in English. Check out the lyrics over at Rockstar.

Chilly Gonzales: “You Can Dence” (Le Nonsense Poolside edit)

The parentheses say it all. It’s one of the first weekends of summer, so if the next two days aren’t filled with plenty of nonsense and at least one swimming pool, you’re just not living. If you do happen to be doing things right, this jam will serve as the perfect background sound. The track oozes with Chilly Gonzales’ decadent, upbeat style of dance music, and if the title of the song doesn’t apply to you and you, in fact, can’t dance, well everyone’s just going to have to deal with it, because you’re gonna get down anyway.