Daihei Shibata's VJ Set Is Some Next Level Visual Cacophony

[BRDG010] DUB-Russell × Daihei Shibata from BRDG on Vimeo.

“Intense !”, “Brutal !!!”, “OMFG this shit blew my mind.”—these are a few of the comments that accompany this video on its Vimeo page. And, while comment sections on video-sharing sites aren’t shy of over-enthusiastic exclamations, these are entirely justified.

The video pairs the VJing of Tokyo-based Daihei Shibata with the music of DUB-Russell and is produced by Japanese A/V label Bridge. Bridge specialize in Japanese IDM and we’ve noted their excellent taste in messed-up visuals and music before.

In this set Shibata pairs his Syncbody (below)—a freaky 3D human visual that dances to sound automatically—with VJing, which makes for a twitching thrill ride of jerking female forms and faces, digital mutations, and a glitchy-electronic meltdown that will certainly jar you from any mid-morning/afternoon slump you may be hitting at work. It’s over eight minutes long but well worth sticking with, as the ending takes it to some next level visual cacophony.


If you’re still not convinced then check out some of the stills below.