Danny Perez Directs The Music Video For Hot Chip's "Look At Where We Are"

We’ve been eagerly awaiting Hot Chip’s new album for the past two years (meanwhile listening to old songs “Over and Over” again), so when the British electro outlet released In Our Heads this June, we were psyched to hear their new take on dance music. The band teamed up with visual sorcerer and Creator Danny Perez who directed the music video for “Look At Where We Are,” produced by The Creators Project.

Perez’s collaboration with Animal Collective produced the visual album ODDSAC back in 2010—an audiovisual assault on the senses where sound and imagery bombarded the viewer into another world. And Perez brought his unique aesthetic to bear on the video for “Look At Where We Are,” using a combination of abstract visuals and the age old story of a man and a woman. However, this isn’t your average love story, but one that involves the woman becoming a Frankenstein’s monster, laid out while her partner operates on her.

From here things take a turn for the even-stranger as the woman’s face turns into a cavernous black hole and, as we are guided inside its swirling mass, we are shown memories of the couple’s life together.

The video evolves into a surreal reflection on the ups and downs of being in a relationship, shot through with dreamy visuals that flit between the dramatic and the tender. A bit like all relationships then, but maybe without the bottomless void for a face.

Last night, Zane Lowe premiered a Major Lazer remix on his BBC Radio 1 show… stream the remix below and compare with the original above.

Stream Hot Chip’s Prospect Park show on NPR Wednesday, July 18th at 9 PM EST, and catch the band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, July 19th. Stay tuned for the making-of video coming soon!

Find Hot Chip’s upcoming tour dates here.