Danny Perez Reveals The Inspiration Behind His Video For Hot Chip's "Look At Where We Are"

In this behind-the-scenes video shot by Brantley Gutierrez which utilizes a slight stop-motion effect at times, Danny Perez talks about the inspiration behind his recent, face-excavating music video for Hot Chip’s “Look At Where We Are,” produced by The Creators Project.

As well as going for a stylized, cinematic look, Perez took inspiration for the couple’s relationship from a BBC documentary called Guys and Dolls. Perez wanted to present the woman as the ideal version of what a lonely, desperate guy might imagine the perfect female to be. Except it turns out that she’s not quite so ideal after all—instead this male fantasy is explosive, dominating, and ruinous.

As well as exploring the dysfunctional dynamic between a man and his lab-created girlfriend, Perez also discusses the practicalities of the VFX and, crucially, how to face up to the moral dilemma of sitting in the director’s chair.

Listen to Four Tet’s remix of the track below, which is also the soundtrack to the behind-the-scenes video. Plus, check out a few of the 8,000 stills shot during the video shoot.

And if you missed the music video, watch it here.

All images courtesy of Brantley Gutierrez.