Death Grips Leak Their Newest Album No Love Deep Web

Death Grips Leak Their Newest Album No Love Deep Web

When the lo-fi, balls-to-the-wall sound of Death Grips struck a deal with a major label, all sorts of speculation arose as to whether or not the band would remain true to their rawness. Then The Money Store came out and we learned that indeed, they hadn’t lost their edge. With the momentum that kicked off with Exmilitary in 2011 and continued with The Money Store earlier this year, anticipation for their second album of 2012 was at a high when suddenly, the band leaked the album today.

That’s right, No Love Deep Web is now available for streaming and free download—13 tracks of the madness we’ve come of love from the noise rap trio, with more of an electronic edge than ever before (sounds like Zach Hill has fully traded in that acoustic drumkit for triggers and a sequencer). The response online has been massive, especially now that supplies of the free download have been choked off due to their label allegedly shutting down their website.

Either way, check out the album below. And while you’re at it, revisit RETROGRADE, the insane 109 GIF/video project they premiered with us earlier this year.