Etch A Sketch for the Modern Age

Is our talk of DJs, visual artists, computer programmers and the like making you antsy to develop something of your own? We’ve found a couple quick online tricks to wet your palate for creation and get the genesis going. First up is FlowerPower, the latest take on the Etch A Sketch, minus the endearing knobs. The floral patterns that formulate kind of remind us of Choi Jeong Hwa’s kitch-chic floral installations.

Having fun? Check out iNudge, a site where you build your own beat by clicking on blocks over multiple layers of instruments.

And, if immersing yourself in the fantasy world of online gaming is more your style (a la Peter Lee), you may want to try The Curfew, an adventure game based on trust, brought to you from the people at Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, among others.

Happy Clicking!