Fatima Al Qadiri's "D-Medley" Is A Digital Stew Of Electro-Tropicália

If you’re having trouble assigning a specific style or genre to Fatima Al Qadiri‘s songs, that’s because her music is not meant to fall into any particular category. “I don’t try to imitate any genre. I make impressions of genres,” says the Brooklyn artist, rejecting classification and replacing it with reflections. “D-Medley” off 2011’s Genre-Specific Xperience, is her impression of Tropicália, manifested in an electrified rendition of the sound that rose out of Brazil in the 60s.

There are several elements at play in “D-Medley,” from synthetic steel drums arranged in arpeggiated patterns to sexy, overindulgent digital visualizations by Thunder Horse paired with equally sexy and overindulgent moves from bikini-clad dancers. Disparate as they are, there’s something familiar about every element, and their combination is inexplicably compelling. Al Qadiri says, “This approach follows my interest in the global proliferation and hybridization of musical styles.”

Because the modern music consumer is exposed to a vast variety of musical and visual styles, works like Al Qadiri’s will simultaneously strike several chords for anyone wise to the contemporary methods of music finding. Al Qadiri herself draws from such influences. “I find the majority of my influences in the club, through friends and online.” We’d certainly like to find out exactly what club inspired such mesmerizing work.

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