Featured Works From The Gallery: Week 39

Featured Works From The Gallery: Week 39

Our new online Gallery provides creative professionals a platform to showcase their portfolio of work, gain exposure, build their network, find collaborators, and become eligible for funding opportunities like The Studio. The Gallery also helps fans of cutting edge creative work to discover new artists and inspiring projects. Each week we’ll be selecting a few of our favorites and bringing you the best of what The Creators Project community has to offer. To have your work featured, submit your tech-powered projects to the Gallery.

Givan Lötz: Submissive

Submissive is a motion graphics series filled with psychedelic visuals that deal with altered states of mind, such as those induced by dreams, orgasms, intoxication, and enlightenment. The rhythmic sounds, accompanied by kaleidoscope-like graphics, make you feel as if you’ve entered a deep (digitally-produced) ecstatic trance. To stimulate your senses and experience all of Givan Lötz’s consciousness-expanding creations, check out the full collection.

Philippe Safire: Fly

For those of us with that unsubsiding desire to fly, Philippe Safire‘s multimedia piece Fly may be the first baby step towards fulfilling the fantasy. Using loads of plexiglass elements and a bit of tech wisdom, Safire’s video-projected structures make blank, sterile gallery spaces into something magical and almost unreal. Whether it’s being absorbed by the sun’s light or doling out the power of flight, it’s pretty safe to say that stepping into one of Safire’s three dimensional installations feels like the ultimate mind trip.

Luis Valverde: LAPX En La Casa

Graphic designer, motiongrapher, and video jockey Luis Valverde and his friends found a projector and decided to draw some basic shapes on cardboard, and this is what came out. Perhaps the most impressive part of this project, which looks like something completely out of this world, is the artist’s detailed account of the creative process, including sketches of the brainstorm, ideation, and execution stages. To see the full, documented process, take a look on our online gallery.