Featured Works From The Gallery: Week 41

Featured Works From The Gallery: Week 41

Our new online Gallery provides creative professionals a platform to showcase their portfolio of work, gain exposure, build their network, find collaborators, and become eligible for funding opportunities like The Studio. The Gallery also helps fans of cutting edge creative work to discover new artists and inspiring projects. Each week we’ll be selecting a few of our favorites and bringing you the best of what The Creators Project community has to offer. To have your work featured, submit your tech-powered projects to the Gallery.

Nic Hamilton: IWAAD

Inspired by the music he created this video for, Nic Hamilton sought to present digital imagery in an incomplete state—the mere skeletons of what should be fully processed images. Between flares of an LED sky, we see an alien landscape forming. Mountains compose and decompose themselves to the rhythm of Actress’s music, and seemingly organic forms take shape only to disintegrate into pixels of light. The video conveys a sense of mania matching the drive of the song.

Luna Ikuta: Facial Cartography

How many times in a day do you touch your face? Luna Ikuta asked this same question and wound up with the concept of Facial Cartography, a plot of points representing contact between her hands and face. The result shows us definite patterns. The areas of the most frequent contact are marked by the stretched nylon. If nothing else, this piece is a reminder that physicians and hygienists everywhere would endorse.

Nick Tilma: Mountains

The objective was to create a sound sculpture using an interview and having speakers displayed within the piece. Nick Tilma based the entire concept around a single statement from his interview subject: her desire to one day live in the mountains. With this eventual hope in mind, Tilma constructed Mountains, carving a range of peaks into the the frame and fitting the enclosure with sound reactive LEDs. As the box speaks its solitary statement, light flashes through the piece with a surreal effect that just might subliminally be trying to get you to move to the mountains.