Featured Works From The Gallery: Week 42

Featured Works From The Gallery: Week 42

Our new online Gallery provides creative professionals a platform to showcase their portfolio of work, gain exposure, build their network, find collaborators, and become eligible for funding opportunities like The Studio. The Gallery also helps fans of cutting edge creative work to discover new artists and inspiring projects. Each week we’ll be selecting a few of our favorites and bringing you the best of what The Creators Project community has to offer. To have your work featured, submit your tech-powered projects to the Gallery.

Sergio Calderon: Visuals for Attila Csihar and Stephen O’Malley

The video above is the visual accompaniment Calderon created for the two-man noise performance by Attila Csihar and Stephen O’Malley, which took place at Pompidou Centre as part of the Teenage Hallucination curated series at Nouveau Festival 2012. To fit with the musical ambiance, Calderon created a visualization of geometric shapes composing and decomposing in space. As the audio gains intensity, the visualization appears more and more sinister in accompaniment. By the end of it, the whole event begins to look like a demonic seance.

Jon Lybrook’s Luminograms

This series of images brings together several classic methods of photo creation. Using the technique pioneered by László Moholy-Nagy, Lybrook painted these images using light-sensitive graphics art film and achieved the visuals he desired using photochemistry. Some of the images are backlit while others are printed using archival inkjet methods, giving them a surreal brightness shone through their organic patterns. There’s also some intaglio technique in the mix.

Hal Kirkland: “The Artobots”

This is an unusual take on the museum experience. It’s not quite art, but it’s a new way of looking at existing art, pulling pop culture into the mix. You could go to the Guggenheim and check out the John Chamberlin exhibit, popping in the headphones provided for an audio tour of the collection’s actual history. Or you could take this audio tour instead. “The Artobots” is an audio tour of the John Chamberlin show that pretends the world has been conquered by Decepticons, and that you are walking through a victory monument of sorts—a collection of Autobot wreckage and havoc successfully wreaked by the evil side of the Transformers universe. Even if you’re not going to the show, this is worth a listen.