Feng Mengbo's Latest Exhibition Mashes Up Calligraphy And Gaming

Chinese multimedia artist and game designer Feng Mengbo’s work often involves digital technology, from gamifying communist China and Western capitalism into a Mario-like platformer in installation Long March: Restart, to his Bruce Lee VJ Project which was at The Creators Project: Beijing 2011 event. But before Mengbo got into using technology in his work, he was a painter.

In a new exhibition “Not Too Late: Recent Works by Feng Mengbo” at New York’s Chambers Fine Art gallery, he’ll be exhibiting some of his current ink and mixed media paintings, along with a video art piece.

Inspiration for some of the paintings (and video work) was taken from Chinese calligraphy and also the video game Quake 3. These influences can be seen in the compositions and techniques used to create the pieces and show how Mengbo uses technology both old and new—a paintbrush or a computer—to create his art.

You can check out some of the pieces on show below.

M Shot 0317

L Shot 0281

M Shot 0399

To find out more about Feng Mengbo and his artwork, check out our behind-the-scenes documentary.

“Not Too Late: Recent Works by Feng Mengbo” is on view from January 10th to February 22nd. Images courtesy of Chambers Fine Art.