Futuristic MIDI Control iPad App Beatsurfing Updated For Two-man Collaborative Beat Crushing

A little while back, we spoke to the creators of Beatsurfing, a revolutionary music production and performance app for iPad, controlled with a touchscreen interface that looks like it would be found in the cockpit of an alien spacecraft.

Belgian controllerism wizard duo Herrmutt Lobby helped to develop the app in collaboration with Vlek records, and have been instrumental in demonstrating it. Seeing their fluid, collaborative work on a pair of synced iPads in the video above makes the need for tactile controls seem so last century.

Right now Beatsurfing is running a short promotion so you can get the app for a buck. More info here.

If you want to get a little deeper into the technical capabilities of Beatsurfing, the crew also released the video below to demonstrate how to make a scene that works with just the iPad, Beatsurfing, and another application through CoreMIDI. (If that sounds really esoteric to you, just replay the video above… sweet!)