Giving Objects Lives Of Their Own: Meet Anaísa Franco

Connected Memories, (2008)

Heavily influenced by her psychoanalyst ​​mother, young São Paulo-based sculptress Anaísa Franco‘s work aims to answer the question: Why can’t everything be alive?

Adding a little zap of electricity, networked computers or Bluetooth capabilities, Franco embeds personality and emotion into her otherwise inanimate artworks. As seen in the spindly, spider-like Controlled Dream Machine, she pairs her creations with animated digital imagery that serves as the sculpture’s imagination—and psychology.

Controlled Dream Machine, (2007)

For Franco, all that is new is exciting, which is one of the main reasons she chooses to work with technology. “Electricity is life, we are electrical beings. What interests me is the electricity in digital, taking the objects out of their inertia and giving them a life,” Franco says in our Creator profile video (above).

Another important part of the Franco’s work is audience participation, which expands the meaning of each piece, provoking emotions, thoughts and feelings. That’s why we chose to exhibit Expanded Eye at our 2010 São Paulo event. The interactive, giant suspended eye regards the viewer with an infrared camera, projecting the person’s own eyes into the sculpture, giving the viewer immediate and introspective feedback.

Expanded Eye, (2008)

Learn more about Anaísa Franco’s intricate sculpture work in our profile video above.