Going Behind The Scenes Of Amon Tobin's Expanded Projection-Mapped Performance Sculpture ISAM 2.0

When the first incarnation of Amon Tobin‘s ISAM project appeared, we got an early behind-the-scenes look at it, exploring the inspiration behind this marvel of projection mapping, designed and implemented by Heather Shaw, with creative director Vello Virkhaus of V Squared Labs and production manager Alex Lazarus. Tobin performs within the sculpture, which is projected upon seamlessly with mind-blowing sci-fi visuals. The visual experience of ISAM takes the musical album and adds new, uncharted dimensions to it. When you see it in action, you don’t dance, or even have the wherewithal to move or sway. You stand there, mesmerized, as the sounds and lights wash over you, transporting you to wherever the masterminds of this project desire.

Having witnessed the first ISAM, it’s hard to imagine a new version twice as large and with even more visualizations, created based on the best of version one. We won’t have to imagine it, because it exists and it will soon be travelling the world so that even more people can become lost in its enthralling action. And this time around, it will include more music than just the ISAM album, with Tobin incorporating songs from his upcoming release Stunt Rhythms under the name Two Fingers. We went behind the scenes with Tobin and his team to find out what it’s like to take a monolith of light and sound and double it in size.

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