Hear The Full Two Fingers Mix From Amon Tobin's ISAM 2.0 Performance

A few weeks back, The Creators Project editorial staff got to go on a little field trip to see something we’ve been obsessing over and marveling at since its birth. Well, Amon Tobin’s ISAM, the massive, angular performance enclosure that gets mapped with all kinds of insane sci-fi projections for live shows, has doubled in size since we first engaged with it. When we witnessed ISAM 2.0, it sat on the stage at Hammerstein Ballroom stretching from end to end. Not to mention, in conjunction with Tobin’s newest release Stunt Rhythms under the alias Two Fingers, ISAM 2.0 featured tracks from the album with brand spanking new visualizations.

Below, you can hear the audio of the Two Fingers mix from ISAM 2.0.

There’s only one show left on the current tour, so unless you’ve got tickets for the LA show this Friday, get your fill of the ISAM 2.0 experience in our newest interview with Amon Tobin below.

And let’s not forget how it all began, with our feature on the original ISAM upon its inception.