Hear The New Album Centipede Hz In The Fourth And Last Transmission Of Animal Collective Radio Hosted By Geologist

Hear all of Animal Collective’s new album Centipede Hz, along with custom visuals for each track by Abby Portner, right now at the Animal Collective Radio site.

For the past three weeks, we’ve been counting down to the release of Animal Collective’s new album Centipede Hz with weekly radio style transmissions curated by the band. Each episode is hosted by a different member of the band and featured some pretty notable guests including Black Dice, Atlas Sound, and Haunted Graffiti.

This Sunday will be the final broadcast of Animal Collective Radio, hosted by Geologist, kicking off with his set based on a mix the band gave their engineer to prep him before mixing Centipede Hz, a rare inside look at their production process. As Geologist describes it…

“My show is actually a version of a mix I made for Ben Allen (Centipede Hz Producer) before we went into the studio. He asked us for a list of songs that we might reference in terms of sound and vibe so he could understand how we wanted the album to sound. We put together a list of songs that either encompassed the overall sound and vibe, or just had specific things we liked, such as drums sounds, or vocal effects. Rather than just send him each song, I thought it’d be fun to make transitions in between each track and sequence it out into 4 separate continuous hypothetical LP sides, which is what we were thinking for the sequencing of our album. For the final show of Animal Collective Radio, we thought it’d be cool to play this inspirational mix and the album back to back.”

A full stream of Centipede Hz with custom visuals for each track by Abby Portner! So if you’ve been eagerly awaiting their return since the legendary Merriweather Post Pavilion, tune in to Animal Collective Radio this Sunday.

But before we dive into this madhouse of sought after sounds new and old, let’s hear a little from Geologist about how the concept for the album and the radio transmissions preceding it came to be in the video above. If you were wondering where the idea for those warbly radio ID sounds came from, how they were actually created, or the thought behind incorporating them into the record, then Geologist has some answers for you in the video above.

As a bonus, Animal Collective just dropped the video for their new single “Today’s Supernatural,” directed by Danny Perez, featuring an epic battle between a pair of club-wielding severed arms and Avey Tare in a giant piñata head, not to mention some wildly reckless dune buggy handling. See the music video below.

If you missed the first three transmissions of Animal Collective Radio and want to catch up before “Transmission 4” this Sunday, listen to them here:

“Transmission 1”

“Transmission 2”

“Transmission 3”

And there’s still time to create your own Animal Collective Radio mix using the band’s outer space radio sounds, and share it via Mixcloud. All the details are right here. Hear the mixes people have shared here.

Don’t forget to tune in to Animal Collective Radio this Sunday at 9 PM EST for “Transmission 4” and the full stream of Centipede Hz.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, here is the track list for Geologist’s mix for the producer of Centipede Hz.

1. Geologist/Rahsaan Patterson – Intro
2. Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine
3. Tod Dockstader/Daria Semegen – Transition 1
4. Schizo – Schizo & The Little Girl
5. Tod Dockstader/Rune Lindblad/Broadcast & The Focus Group/Bulent Arel/Francis Dhomont – Transition 2
6. Los Hijos Del Sol – Linda Munequita
7. Robert Jan De Neeve/Bulent Arel/Francis Dhomont – Transition 3
8. We The People – In The Past
9. Milton Nascimento/Lo Borges – Cravo E Canela
10. Climax Golden Twins/Herbie Hancock/Tod Dockstader – Transition 4
11. Lula Cortes E Ze Ramalho – Nas Paredes Da Pedra Encantada
12. Luc Ferrari/Tod Dockstader – Transition 5
13. Eddie & Ernie – Falling Tears (Indian Drums)
14. Tom Dissevelt/Ossatura + Tim Hodgkinson – Transition 6
15. Gandalf – Hang On To A Dream
16. Catherine Ribiero + Alpes – Jusqu’a ce que la Force de t’aimer me Manque
17. Tera de Marez Oyens/Victor Wentink/Broadcast & The Focus Group/White Noise – Transition 7
18. Silver Apples – Misty Mountain
19. Bulent Arel/Francis Dhomont – Transition 8
20. Ersen – Kozan Dagi
21. Tod Dockstader/Francois Bayle/Luc Ferrari – Transition 9
22. Dorothy Ashby – Soul Vibrations
23. Freshly Wrapped Candies/Francis Dhomont/Climax Golden Twins – Transition 10
24. Selda – Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
25. Portishead – Plastic
26. Ossatura+Tim Hodgkinson/Amps For Christ/Toshi Ichiyanagi/ – Transition 11
27. The Apryl Fool – The Lost Mother Land (Part 1)
28. Frans Van Doorn/Christian Calon – Transition 12
29. Los Holy’s – The High Chaparral
30. Christian Marclay & Gunter Muller/Joji Yuasa – Transition 13
31. 13th Floor Elevators – Kingdom of Heaven
32. Francis Dhomont/Christian Marclay & Gunter Muller – Outro