Human Pac-Man

All right, so these shows won’t make for a literal night out on the town…but now that we think of it, human reenactments of popular video games would make for a pretty geek-erific off-Broadway performance. But we digress…

This intricate video directed by Guillaume Reymond of NOTsoNoisy creative agency for the Game Over Project is the fifth in the series of stop motion videos reenacting games like Pong, Space Invaders, Pole Position, and now Pac-Man. The latter took over four hours to film and incorporated 101 human pixels, with a LOT of sitting and standing in between.

Their Tetris video, which won the YouTube “Creative” award in 2007, is also a must-see…and the human soundtrack is impeccably on pitch!

We like all the surfacing of reinterpreted aspects of the video game realm…like this photo shoot for creator Abdel Bounane’s Amusement Magazine. It’s easier to see gaming as an art form when more traditional mediums like photography and video are employed.

We’re just waiting for the day that a major museum houses an interactive Mario’s Castle complete with Piranha plants and tunnels of golden coins.